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Jerzy Jankun, PhD, Professor, Director Urology Research Center





Jerzy Jankun, PhD
Director Urology Research Center
Department of Urology
Mail Stop 1091
Health Science Campus
The University of Toledo
3000 Arlington
Toledo, OH 43614-2598
phone (419) 383-3691
FAX (419) 383-3785

Welcome to the Center

The Urology Research Center (URC) brings together faculty, research laboratories, and institutions of higher learning of Northwest Ohio. The Center is founded on the success of existing long-term research collaborations. Its creation allows the collaborators to consolidate their efforts and to better focus on their goals under the leadership and within the administrative structure of MCO.

The Center's goal is to nurture and support research and higher education in the area of novel approaches in understanding the mechanisms of cancer formation, progression, metastasis, and cancer treatment. The Urology Research Center is located at the Medical College of Ohio.


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